This 3d presentation uses NASA 3D resource in opensim.

NASA is a fantastic inspiration to me and porting some of its 3d model is great experience. I did use the shuttle and its launch vehicle to illustrate the tutorial on IMPORTING LARGE MESH in opensim. You will see the result in the exhibit SHUTTLE MISSION STS127 where Canadian astronaute and now Canadien Governor Julie Payette is involved. I am also presenting Marc Garneau an other famous Canadian astronaut involved in space shuttle space mission and minister in Canadian government. Marc was fist Canadian astronaut and Julie was the second woman in space following Russian Valentina Tereshkova in 1963 in vostok 6 mission. 

APPOLO 11 is the most famous mission in NASA history. Done in 1969 its going to celebrate its 50 years in 2019. As Neil Amstrong said "That's one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind. NASA offers a numerous artifacts related to appolo 11 mission. I hope the little presentation of setting seat in for the mission and foot on the moon render some of the extraordinary adventure this represents. 

gimisaOS statistic presentation image

I am testing opensim with all kind of different construction and script situation. I am also using limited server resource in a home lan environment. Touch the above image to see detail statistic of the running installation. Or the following link to get detail description of the hardware or the setup files . 

  I am also writhing        on opensim user you    can access by               touching this image.

GiMiSaOS - Installation Details



math casino entrace image

WATER SLIDE: is a fun experiment with Bullet Sim / ODE physic. ODE physic is old engine use with opensim. The new default physic engine is Bullet. The Military Open Simulator Enterprise Strategy MOSES are using phyX (see link to video) for their simulation needs.

Use map from your hypergrid landing to point to gimisa5. On landing get orientation from the caracter standing near you or chat with the NPC lady. Other fun physic experiment you can do is taking the step up the pise tower to redo the Galileo test. You can recreate in virtual reality his famous object fall race down the tower. Getting to the aerial tram on your way to the water slide watch the falling ball along the spiral mesh. Sit in the tram and watch the scenery as you are heading to the top of the mountain. Sit in the slide and enjoye the ride down. Take the other slide and rush toward the deap water of the valley.

Use the phenicular to climb your way back to the arieal tram and why not make another tour. Or use the buss to find you way to gimisa8 NASA region. Once there don’t forget to ask Marc Garneau near the take off tower about the instruction for your test flight of the Shuttle. If you prefer a slower experience why not head downstair using the escalator from the aerial tram. Just sit and relax in the mesh ship for a cruze across gimisa5, gimisa7, gimisa6, gimisa4, and back to gimisa3 welcome region. Should be fun for the whole ride with a bit of cooperation from openSimulator . ( OS is still in beta !0)


image of pise tower presenting the 3 dimension replica of the famous galileo experimentation.

CASTLE OF ODDS: not Ozz, odds , like chance but more like probability. Oups yes maths stuff . It challanging idea, to present math in a 3d world and have fun. Why not call it casino. Hey Hey already more attractive is it not. A CaSi N o that you gamble your spare time in order to learn a little about the odds behind the games and hopefulling have an intertaining time. From hypergrid landing look in map for gimisa4. On you arrival to castle of odds you cant miss the door just between the legs of the guardien of odds. No he will not ask for your virtual card nor check you dressing code. Step right in and touch the orientation clerk at the counter. Through her you should learn about the different game offered and be already bref about odds events and probabilty. A random walk on the playfield of binomial probability. Sitting at the machines, you will get to havest the result of your sampling . Good luck!!


image presenting the tutorial area for opensimulator learning.
TUTORIAL: So much to write about the tutorial area of gimisaOS not sure where to start. Fist follow the map and teleport to gimisa5. Touch the gentlmen at the landing point for direction and or chat with the NPC lady. 
             Basic object buidling is presented with linked prim, angle building or texture aligment. Terraforming is also presented with an helper tool for you to grab. Not to forget the  tool to create mesh terrain you can also collect. 
             Come the open source builder help Gimp, Blender, SculptyPaint or Huggin. These software will help you create a better world. Different aspect are presented via exemples. Making a mushroom in sculpty or mesh, doing tattoos, making sphere texture or panarama will be fun to try while learning to use those fantastic software. 
            There is also tuto on scripting, weither  for  communication, access control, dynamic texturing, media on prim, opensim archive (oar), you will be presented with aspect of the  powerfull medium opensim offers. 
             The larges project by far is the MESH IMPORT house. This serie of tutorial will guide you to use blender to import meshes of different shape and size. It will also be the opportunity to create a rigged mesh avatar.  The resuslt of the serie of tutorial  in that mesh house is show case in gimisa8 NASA site. From the shuttle to the astronautes not mentionning the take off towers you virtual visit will bring you to the limit of your imagination space in orbite with International space station.

GiMiSaOS is all about Opensim. If you have no idea what that mean this text is for you. Honestly its hard to explain 3d virtual reality with words. You familiar with 3D. Many games now offer a 3 dimensional world to play in. Console games or computer games they offer an area to play in, and some objective of play. Win point experience or money selling killing or simply romancing is all available at your finger tips. And most offer interconnectivity so you can play with other across the world. 

OPENSIM: Is such a universal 3D environment. You can do all of the above within its frame of reality. But something more is available in opensim. Something your imagination only can master. Given the effort to learn the tools for and with Opensim you can do something ONLY you can. You can  CREATE YOUR world, your fantasy, your space. Be a creator a builder a scripter a photographer a film maker. ,Be GOD of your 3D universe. This video,among many , can show you what can be done.  



Welcome to  GiMiSaOS 

picture presenting the jetpack tour and the presentation bot that can be found in welcome region of opensimulator gimisaOS grid
WELCOME: gimisa3 is the default landing coming from Hypergrid. Hypergrid is the way to travel between grids. Please consiger visiting opensim site to know more about that. You need to have a special viewer and be member of one of many opensim grids. A list is available searching google.

Its also possible to take a tour of the gimisaOS grid  and have fun flying around sitting on the jetpack. The jetpack is an object that will  remain in  your inventory should you like to prepare a tour of your own realisation. 
The pleasure I have in building is equal by the pleasure of sharing what I have found or done and the equal pleasure of chatting. 
Please dont hesitate in contacting. I like to know about you.